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TUV/GS/EMC/CE/LVD/FOR EN61558/EN60950 File #S9152744 #S9152745, IEC 60950 1991+A1+A2+A3+A4, S3-50006573, S3-50006574,CB test Coriticate NO. JPTUV003461 APPROVED EUROPEN TYPE / UK TYPE (well-come customer design)

Common Mode Chokes

Core type: EE, UU, ET,UT and Toroid cores  Low cost design  Meeting UL,CSA,VDE and IED requirements  Use in input filter circuits of switching power supply at 20KHz or higher to reduce AC line conducted interferce

Current Sensors

Core material: Ferrite, Nickel and Silicon Lamination Low frequency(60Hz) or high frequency(10~200KHz)  Maximum ratings specitied with rated secondary terminating resistance and 1 turn primary For switching power supply  For ups systems